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General Biochemistry


  • Basic biochemistry tests with kidney, liver, lipid, anaemia (ferritin, Vitamin B12 and folic acid), osteocalcin, heart and muscle study.
  • Analysis of blood sugar concentration and glycosylated haemoglobin and glucose tolerance test.
  • Protein determination by proteinogram, immunoglobulin dose, free light chains and study of monoclonal bands.
  • Gasometry: study of acid-base balance and Co-oximetry.


  • Cytochemical study and fresh urine sediment.
  • Biochemistry of fresh urine (microalbumin/creatinine, calcium/creatinine…).
  • 24-hour urine: Determination of biochemistry parameters and hormones.
  • Analysis of urinary calculi.


  • Faecal occult blood.
  • Analysis of digestive process in stool.
  • Study of proteins (calprotectin, Alfa 1 antitrypsin…).
  • Examination of 24-hour stool, lipid in stool (Van de Kamer).


  • Sweat test (iontophoresis).
  • Amniotic fluid (karyotype and aneuploidies).
  • Other fluids
    • beta trace protein in biological fluids.
    • LCR (basic test), TAU and amyloid beta, oligoclonal bands...
    • Other fluids: pleural fluid, peritoneal fluid…
    • Seminogram (basic analysis of the semen).