• Work areas

The following texts are in Spanish. In case of any doubt to interpret them, do not hesitate to contact us.



  • Third-generation cell counters.
  • Count of immature erythroblasts and granulocytes in all blood counts.
  • Specific channels for platelets, basophiles, blast cells and abnormal lymphocytes.
  • New parameters:   
    • Average haemoglobin levels in reticulocytes (CHr).
    • Immature platelet fraction (Reticulum-cells).
  • Microscopic examination by haematologist.



  • Peripheral blood morphology.
  • Blood cell abnormalities.
  • Myelography.
  • Diagnosis of haematological diseases.



  • Transfusions in coordination with the Haemotherapy Service of Clínica Rotger:  autotransfusions, PRP (platelet-rich plasma).
  • Study of uncommon blood groups.
  • Haemolytic anaemia.
  • Supervision of expectant mothers.
  • Study of foetal-maternal compatibility.